Tuesday, February 12, 2008

23 Things roundup

23 Things has been a steep learning curve - the only one of the 23 things I had previously dabbled with was Flickr (I’d searched for images but didn't realise there were groups and hadn't joined or posted).
Prior to 23 things I wondered what the attraction was with blogging & Youtube & facebook. They seemed like big timewasters. I’m afraid my mind hasn’t been changed about Youtube & Facebook but I think I’ll keep blogging and using Flickr & Delicious.
I liked iGoogle but it would be more useful if you could make it into fully customised desktop that could follow you from PC to PC. Its so frustrating when you work across campuses and have icons in different spots on the screen and software on one computer that you cant access from another without downloading it from the NAL or web. Delicious takes care of the bookmarks but something similar for your desktop would be great.


Bec said...

I agree about the floating desktop being a useful concept. I will have a look at a few of the alternatives to iGoogle when I get to that stage (I'm really proud just to be up to task 15!) and report my findings on my blog soon :-)

Bonito Club said...

Good to see you're going to keep on blogging...